Tool: Self Employed Artist Invoicing and Expenses Tracker - an Airtable Template

As a self employed artist, writer, contractor, engineer, anything really where you're an "independent contractor," you’ve got to track: the hours you work, the clients you work for, and the expenses you incur. We use Airtable for all of this, and when tax time comes around, we thank ourselves for it.*

With this template, use the CLIENTS tab for client info (e.g. contact info, your rate with that client, etc.). In the PROJECTS/JOBS tab, create a new entry for each job, link it to the associated client, and enter your rate for that job. This is especially useful in the situation where you work multiple projects for one client, and each has a different rate. Say, a day rate for one project, or a per song rate for another. The HOURS tab feeds into the INVOICES tab and automatically applies the relevant rate, so you can easily see how much to bill each client, whether you’ve sent the invoice or not, etc. And finally, the EXPENSES tab is where you can categorize what you've spent per project or client for re-imbursibles, or apply the relevant write-off category for when you file your taxes.

*If you haven't seen our blog post on Airtable, check that out here.

Don Chaffer