Helping creators and developing new works



We offer financial support through: patronage to CAI artists; grants for specific new works, and funding for actual productions (both recordings and live events).


Artists need connection in order to create, so we facilitate collaborative projects where artists work side by side; host salons and classes where we discuss the creative life and learn relevant skills; and produce events to celebrate one another’s work.


We want to give creators tools for both the craft and business of creation. This includes anything from sample budgets to creative writing exercises.


Our Directors


Don Chaffer (Director) & Lori Chaffer (Assistant Director) bring over twenty-five years of arts experience to their positions as directors of C.A.I. They’ve recorded over 25 albums as artists–many with their band, Waterdeep (Squint Entertainment). They’ve written over 10 shows for theater and hundreds of songs, dozens of which have appeared in TV shows, on label releases (theirs and others), and various charts. Click here for more details on their experience and career highlights.


Our Board