Tool: Social Media Scheduler - an Airtable Template

There are a lot of social media platforms out there, and as a creative, you likely have multiple accounts for each platform–a personal account, an artist account, maybe another artist account, etc., and then each platform uses slightly different formatting, certain content is time sensitive, and of course you just have to keep straight which content should go on which platform. It's a lot to organize and schedule.

So, here's a tool for keeping track of it all.

This Airtable template* is a home for all your social media scheduling. The ACCOUNTS tab tracks all the accounts and platforms you use. The POSTS tab is where you gather your content: write body text, choose photos, choose hashtags, and schedule where and when to publish each post. With this tool it’s easy to see what you’ve already done and what you still have to do, even if you get interrupted halfway through.

*If you haven't seen our blog post on Airtable, check that out here.

Don Chaffer