Airtable - one of our most used tools!

As an artist, writer, musician, producer, playwright, etc etc, there is so much more to your daily work than working on your craft. There is always so much to organize: lists of songs, band members for various gigs, potential actors to cast, bookers, managers, tour information, scene breakdown, budgets, the list goes on and on. The more you can hone and organize your systems, the more time you have to actually work on your craft. To that end, one of the tools we use the most at CAI is an app called Airtable. In their own words, Airtable helps you “organize anything, with anyone”.

You may be someone whose heart flutters at any opportunity to make another spreadsheet, or you may be someone whose stomach drops at the mention of it. Somehow, Airtable is the perfect tool for both of those kinds of people. It makes organizing and tracking information almost feel like a game.

We’ve made several airtable templates that are tailored specifically to the needs of artists and creatives. Look out for other posts on this site to check those out in more detail. In the meantime, watch this introductory video to see what Airtable is about.

Don Chaffer