We have been around in some way shape or form for the last 6 years and there are many people we've met along the way who have supported and cheered us on. Here are a few of those people...
The Otterball team sure does make it look easy don't they? In case you aren't familiar they make some of the critically acclaimed websites you'll find anywhere. They have championed the Creative Arts Initiative through the years and we're forever grateful for their support. Please take a minute to check out the work they do, I guarantee you'll be blown away.
Porter's Call
Al and Nita Andrews at Porter's Call have helped our artists move in and through some of the most difficult seasons of their careers. They know the struggles of artists well and have offered their hearts so generously to so many. They are serving the artist community in a way that no one else is and we are incredibly grateful for the unconditional support they offer the artistic community.

Here are a few of the folks who's work has changed and inspired us...
Sandra McCracken
Matthew Perryman Jones
Steven Delopoulos
Disappointed By Candy
Alli Rogers
Jeremy Casella
The Khrusty Brothers
Silent Alarm